The #1 Cyber Education Provider

According to a New York Times report, an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be available but unfilled by 2021 based on predictions from cybersecurity experts. Cyber Intelligence 4U is a workforce acceleration partner that uses hands-on training to not only educate but to provide real world experience. We partner with the world’s leading corporations and universities to help companies bridge their cybersecurity skills gaps. Our programs are created by cybersecurity professionals (CISOs, Forensic Experts, DPOs, Risk Managers and Auditors, etc.) with boots on the ground expertise that cannot be found anywhere else.

Market Driven Content

Since 2018, we have graduated over 4000 students and placed 95% into jobs.Our program is market driven content created by former NSA elite, CISOs, DPOs, and top flight executives. We have a 98% satisfaction rating from our students.


Job Placement

Providing jobs is where the rubber meets the road. Students are provided resume counseling and job placement that allows them to reap the benefits of their education immediately.


Hands-on Learning

Real experience means real jobs. Students are provided hands-on learning labs and leave with real world experience.


Lifetime Learning and Mentoring

We believe in creating a community of cyber resiliency. One way to accomplish that is to provide the most recent information to our graduates for free and allow them to participate in panels and our cyber insight interview series. Another is to provide mentoring to give students a focused learning experience on specific subject matter areas.


In Person and Self-Paced Online

Not everyone can dedicate time the same way to a program. We cater to the student’s needs by providing learning in person or online that is self-paced.


Ariel Evans

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Lynne Williams

Business Development

Julie Rothwell

Chief Marketing Officer

Radu Gheorghievici-Pohl M.Sc., MBA

SVP Business Development EMEA

Ed Evans

Program Manager